Seniors enjoying activities in Continuing Care Retirement Community in Yukon, OK

Continuing Care Retirement Community Myths in Yukon, OK

If you’re considering making the transition into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you will want to explore your options, compare multiple different communities, take tours, and ask questions. When doing this research, you may come across certain myths perpetuated online about senior living and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. At Spanish Cove Retirement Village, we want to demystify the process of retirement and continuing care communities. We have ‘busted’ these Continuing Care Retirement Community myths in Yukon, OK so that our residents can make more informed choices about their care. Keep reading to learn more about what a Continuing Care Retirement Community is and why certain myths surrounding CCRCs are untrue. Then, schedule a tour of our community to learn more.

Myth #1: CCRCs Are Only for “Old” People

A Continuing Care Retirement Community is specifically designed to cater to the needs of many different types of residents. It is not created for just one age or age group, but for a huge age range of people. The residents in a CCRC have widely varied needs. Many are happy and healthy and able to live independently. These residents may not consider themselves “old” or identify as “old people.”

At Spanish Cove Retirement Village, we welcome residents aged 62 and older. Our independent living community includes active seniors who feel they are in the prime of their lives. They love being a part of a community of people their own age and having access to a wide variety of social events, clubs, fitness activities, outings, and amenities. We don’t believe that life ends or that your quality of life should diminish because you are aging. We have created a vibrant, rich, and fulfilling community for residents of all ages.

Myth #2: CCRCs Are Too Expensive

It’s important to consider all of your financial options when you’re planning to move into a retirement or independent living community, but you may find budgeting to be easier than you expect. The cost of these communities will depend on the location you choose, the level of care you need, and the amenities you’re interested in. 

Because Spanish Cove Retirement Village offers a lifecare program with multiple levels of care, you will not have to pay a fee to break your contract so that you can move into a facility that offers the level of care you need. Instead, you will continue paying the same monthly rate even if your health needs change and you need to transition to a different level of care.

Myth #3: You Will Lose Your Independence in a CCRC

CCRCs are designed to support independent living as well as other levels of care. They offer a wide range of amenities, activities, events, and physical fitness options for independent residents who want to stay active. Most residents find they are more independent living in a CCRC because they have access to so many amazing amenities and services that they didn’t have when living alone.   

At Spanish Cove Retirement Village, we offer dances, parties, and social events. We have two libraries, one that is full of books and one that is full of videos. We have a rooftop garden and a pet park. You will have access to social and special interest clubs, a woodworking shop, and an art studio. We also have billiard rooms and a sewing and quilting room. We have a shuttle that takes residents on planned trips or for local shopping excursions. Our residents routinely say that they are more active, independent, and social living with us than they were when they were living alone.

Myth #4: Moving to a CCRC Means Giving Up Your Home

Whether you give up your home depends on your finances and needs. Some residents choose to keep their home and either rent it out to help cover the cost of the CCRC or allow family members to live in it. A CCRC will quickly become your home, however. CCRCs are designed to be comfortable, safe, and offer all home amenities. You will have your own spacious suite or apartment and access to many amenities right outside your doorstep.

At Spanish Cove Retirement Village, our independent living community offers five different apartment floor plans. We encourage residents to make their apartments look as much like home as possible, and we don’t want our residents to lose the comfort, independence, and decor they enjoyed in their own homes.

Myth #5: CCRCs Are Just Like Nursing Homes

A CCRC includes nursing care, but a CCRC is not a nursing home. You will have access to the level of care you need when you need it. If you move into a CCRC when you are an active senior, you will live independently in your own apartment. You can have your own furniture and decor, bring your pet with you, and cook meals in your kitchen. When you need access to health services or emergency services, you will get them immediately. If your health needs change and you need to transition into a different level of care, you can move into an assisted living, memory care, or nursing care suite.

At Spanish Cove, we have done everything possible to make sure our independent living apartments and assisted living suites do not look clinical. Our goal is for each resident to live in safety, comfort, and convenience with access to amenities and activities that enrich their lives and help them enjoy their hobbies and explore new interests.

Myth #6: You’ll Have a Limited Social Life in a CCRC

Staying active socially and physically is crucial in maintaining your physical and mental health at any age. Seniors are at a much higher risk of depression and isolation than younger people because they often live alone, can’t drive, and don’t have access to social activities. This is why CCRCs make it a point to offer a huge variety of events, activities, and social opportunities.

At Spanish Cove Retirement Village, our events and activities are entirely centered around our residents’ needs, interests, and goals. We regularly hold surveys to explore ideas for new activities and events and determine what outings our residents will enjoy the most. We have a huge selection of social clubs where you can join like-minded residents in your hobbies and interests. We also host social events like dances, concerts, karaoke, and trivia nights.

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